Testimonials - DeForest Tutoring

“My 15 year old son began falling behind in Algebra. We first tried after school help from the teacher, which embarrassed him, so we tried our first private tutor. The first tutor seemed to do a lot of the work for my son, and he actually began to fail. I asked everyone I knew if they could recommend a tutor, and two people actually gave me the number for DeForest Tutoring. Ms. DeForest had the right combination of skills and materials to help our son not only learn Algebra, but also showed him how to break down lessons and help himself to learn. We can’t recommend her highly enough!”

- Heather K.

“Cindy DeForest tutored two of my children for their ACT and SAT exams and from the beginning she made them feel that she was confident that they could do the work that was required of them. Cindy was patient and took the time to go over each problem or question in many different ways to make sure it was understood. As my daughter put it, "She was good about explaining things even if you didn't understand it the first four times!" Cindy also would also go over their completed work and explain why it was right or wrong. My kids felt more self assured that they would do well on their exams and their test scores did go up. I would whole heartedly recommend Cindy to anyone who needs tutoring.”

- Mary D

“Cindy has been an outstanding asset to our children's learning process in high school. Her ability to guide them across so many different subject areas is a game changer! She has a vast knowledge of all course content and expectations.  In addition, her study skills expertise have given them the tools to confidently prepare for note-taking assignments, research papers,  quizzes, tests and finals. We are so thankful for her guidance and commitment to our teens!”

- Holly S

“DeForest Tutoring was perfect for my 17 year old daughter, who required one on one teaching for the SATs.  Cindy got my daughter to focus on what was a daunting task for her and she improved her score by over 200 points!  I highly recommend DeForest Tutoring as she is very thorough and has a way of educating teenagers that 'fight' it.  Thank you Cindy!”

- Amanda M

“Cindy DeForest not only helped me to succeed on the SAT's and the ACT's, but she gave me confidence. Before I met with her I didn't believe in my test-taking abilities. I second guessed myself and my scores suffered because of it. Cindy taught me techniques that boosted my confidence and my scores. I could not be where I am today without her help.”

- Vivian C